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Two Gals & A Broom: Where Sparkling Homes Meet Big Hearts!Hey there! Ever thought of having a job where every day feels like you're making a real difference? Two Gals & A Broom is all about that. We don’t just clean homes – we brighten days!

About Us: We're a beloved local company with 26 years under our belt and a 5-star rating to boot! We pair our passion for pristine homes with a big heart, especially for those battling cancer. Through our partnership with 'Cleaning for a Reason', we bring comfort and cleanliness to cancer patients at zero cost.

Why You'll Adore Being Part of Our Family:

-Work-Life Balance: Monday-Friday 8-5. No nights. No weekends.

-Competitive Pay: Earn up to $24/hour plus tips.

-Benefits Galore: Health Insurance, AFLAC, Teledoc, PTO, Broom Bucks, and much more after 90 days! Plus, after 6 months enjoy paid holidays, bonuses, awards, team-building events, and company parties.

-Rewarding Experience: Bring joy and relief to homeowners every day. Feel the satisfaction of transforming spaces and uplifting spirits.

-Lifelong Learning: Listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks as you work. Keep learning and grooving!

-Climb the Ladder: We believe in promoting from within and provide paid training to help you shine.

A Day with the Gals:

-Your first house of the day- greet the homeowner or their pets for a bright way to start the day! Everyone loves cleaning day, so they are excited to see you arrive! As a sparkler, we make such a difference in the lives of our people. Helping someone to feel better with a clean space is such a rewarding experience with this job!

-Do you love music, or podcasts? Listen while you work!! It is a great way to get through those books you have been wanting to read, or just put some pep in your step with your favorite music!

-Break Times- These are up to you! You can choose to eat on the go in between jobs, stop and sit a bit while you eat, or just munch on some snacks that you bring throughout your day.

-Your second house of the day- This one goes fast. You are in your groove. We always lift people up by providing a clean space for them to live. The tips in this job can be quite large... It's a great environment to be happy, get some exercise, and be super successful providing a professionally cleaned home.

-The satisfaction of a job well done, and the nice chunk of change in your pocket at the end of the week. Off on nights, off on weekends, and off on holidays! This is a great job, amazing money, and a sense of accomplishment!

Got What It Takes?

-A car that's as reliable as you.

-Valid Driver's License & insurance.

-Physical stamina for cleaning and driving.

-Smartphone smarts.

-Legal work status in the USA.

Experience? Not required! It’s your enthusiasm and heart that counts most. We can't wait to meet you and have you join our journey of making homes, and hearts, shine a little brighter.

Ready to join? We're ready to welcome you! Stay sparkling & spread the love with Two Gals & A Broom!


"To clean a house perfect every time"


Know the value of a good reputation, integrity-honesty, compassion, attention to detail, reliability, positivity.


We are Ambitious, Organized & Energetic Cleaning Technician


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No need to. You can just submit the form online!

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We're always on the lookout for great people though our openings tend to get filled quickly. It might be beneficial to act swiftly to make sure you don't miss out on a potential opportunity!

What if I already applied and haven’t heard back?
Don’t worry, your application is being processed. Give our staff some time to look over your information. You will be contacted if they decide to take your application to the next step in the process.


Do You Offer Any Benefits or Incentives?

We are always striving to offer the very best job opportunities in the local area and always looking to add more benefits! We currently offer:

Incentive programs

Health benefits

Holiday pay/goodies

Weekly direct deposits

Livable wage

Bonus for referring employees

Monday-Friday days

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